Secure Outdoor TV Covers

Simple, Affordable, Digital Screen Protection

Introducing the Secure Outdoor TV Cover…

…Weatherproof, low-maintenance, long-lasting protection for your

 professional outdoor screens. 

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Secure TV CoverWhy Buy?

tickLooks professional (protects without compromising on style).

tickInexpensive (compared to dedicated, outdoor screen prices).

tickEasy to install (watch the instructional video here).

tickAccommodate your current screen (up to 72”).

tickVersatile (great for schools, bars, restaurants & sports facilities).

tickDiscreet (hide your screen away when not in use, prevent theft).




What are the Business Benefits?

tickProtects the warranty of your screen(s).

tickCosts up to 50% less than a dedicated, outdoor screen.

tickProtection for up to 10 years or more.

tickAllows for ‘round the clock’, digital screen advertising.

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Unconvinced? Look at it this way…

Failure to protect your outdoor screen could result in:

  • Weather damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

All of which lead to added expense. Think of this purchase as protecting your business not just a screen. Avoid financial loss and prevent a damaged reputation. You’re just a click away, buy now…

Key Features

tickAvailable in three size formats: Up to 42”, 42”-55” & 55”-72”.

tickMade using high density polyethylene enabling extended outdoor use.

tickFully weatherproof.

tick6mm polycarbonate viewing screen for crystal clear picture.

tickWall mountable.

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